What’s the Strong Families resolution all about?

There is no typical American family. Georgia families aren’t only made up of a husband and wife, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence. Current policy often supports this cookie cutter view of family, leaving other types of family behind. Policymakers must develop policy that considers some of the challenges that today’s families face.

Policy that helps Georgia

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Supporting the Strong Families resolution (HR 746) is the first step to getting policymakers to develop policies that reflect today’s Georgia families.

The Strong Families resolution will…

  • Educate legislators on our lived realities and how policy does not address some of the challenges today’s Georgia families face.
  • Hold policymakers accountable to include Georgia families in future legislation.
  • Build coalitions with elected officials to develop future legislation that effectively addresses these challenges.

Join our campaign! We need your voice to educate, engage, mobilize and advocate for policies that reflect the reality and experiences of today’s Georgia families.

Check out our Strong Families resolution campaign for more information!