The “Typical American Families” exhibit at the Georgia State Capitol last Friday was a great success and a very touching experience. If you missed the exhibit, you can see photos from the event (Facebook Album)watch the video (youtube link) read the stories of the families (PDF), and see their beauty in pictures (facebook album)!

Typical American Families - Strong Families GeorgiaTypical American Families” was created in 2015 by artists Ross Oscar Knight  and  Carlton Mackey to capture stories and to explore what the definition of a family is. When they learned about the Feminist Women’s Health Center’s work and the Strong Families Resolution, they saw the natural connection and wanted to collaborate.
“I believe that the concept of “family” is ever evolving in the U.S. as well as around the world,” said Knight. “Lawmakers and the general public must adapt to make sure access to quality services and care is available and affordable for everyone. It is my hope that people viewing this exhibit will hold their biases and simply relate to the families in the images. I wanted to help elevate these stories in ways that can have meaningful impact on policies and these families’ daily lives.”